Technische Univeristät Wien
Automation and Control Institute
We make robots see.

That is, we devise machine vision methods to perceive structures and objects such that robots act in and learn from every day situations. This paves the way to automated manufacturing and robots performing household tasks. Solutions develop the situated approach to integrate task, robot and perception knowledge. Core expertise is safe navigation, 2D and 3D attention, object modelling, object class detection, affordance-based grasping, and manipulation of objects in relation to object functions.


ESI Center Eastern Europe

ESI Center Eastern Europe has evolved as the Regional Excellence Center for Eastern European and the Caucasus of the former European Software Institute (now Tecnalia Research & Innovation). ESI CEE has actively supported the development of increased ICT industry competitiveness, digital entrepreneurship, knowledge economy and society, with a specific focus on supporting small setting and enterprises, and mentoring startups. ESI Center Eastern Europe is your partner in modelling and improvement of integrated processes, strategic management, business continuity and security, software engineering and quality management.


Practical Robotics Institute Austria

The Practical Robotics Institute Austria (PRIA) is a non-profit association with the aim to promote scientific and technical excellence in schools using robotics as well as the participation and operation of exemplary research projects in related fields of robotics and automation, and teaching methods by means of robotics. The Practical Robotics Institute Austria is constituted as an independent non-profit organization with a scientific advisory board



AcrossLimits is a technology company with a heart. We believe that ICT should be put to good use in society and therefore we push for excellence in areas like eHealth, eLearning and Digital Culture. To do this we create large projects, mostly based in Europe, that make the impossible just a little bit more reachable.


Cardiff University School of Social Sciences

We take an interdisciplinary approach to the Social Sciences to create a dynamic and engaged teaching and research environment. We are an internationally recognised centre of excellence in research and teaching across a range of subject areas, including sociology, policy studies, criminology, education and social work.



For more than 18 years, CERTICON has been improving the competitiveness of our clients around the world. CERTICON's solutions comprise the full spectrum of services and solutions in software development and quality-assurance verification testing. Our experience in the fields of medical and mission-critical applications and high-tech industrial applications enables us to harness the best practices and solutions for the clients. CERTICON designs, develops, rapid-prototypes and deploys sophisticated software solutions. Our projects and solutions cross medical and industrial domains by leveraging state-of-the-art methodologies and technologies.


University of Athens Educational Technology Lab

The Educational Technology Lab aims to contribute to our knowledge of the ways in which learning processes can be upgraded in all kinds of human activity in the Information Society.