Project Vision


We will realize a
creative and critical use
of educational robotics
to maintain children's
curiosity in the world

Provide multiple entry-points
into Educational Robotics
and creative STEM (STEAM)

Empower children to solve
real-world problems and
address all young learners

Provide a continuous
STEM schedule

Develop an open and conceptual framework




Create processes, tools and artefacts that allow the use of robots in learning spaces



Design a generic process for development of workshops and curricula that empower children


Develop tools to help become more explicit and elaborate about pedagogical design


Young people show what they have been empowered to do at ECER conference and competition


Create and maintain a repository that addresses different stakeholders and is sustainable after the end of the project

Evaluate the impact of the framework tools and activities on young people






Development and evaluation of ER4STEM framework

Educational Robotics Workshops in six European countries with over 4000 children in three years

ECER conferences 11-15 April 2016 in Austria, 2017 in Bulgaria and 2018 in Malta

ER4STEM repository for teachers with underlying theoretical structure to collect and improve approaches



ER4STEM concepts and measures for ensuring a continuous and innovative STEM education